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I am a South African writer, blogger and designer in London, focussing on professional small business marketing and branding. Want to know more about what I do, and what I could do for your business or website? Click here.

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Why, hello there.

How very nice to meet you. I'm Stacey: writer, blogger, occasional baker. I'm a far-from-home South African currently residing in London, UK. I live with my husband, photographer Graeme, and a very large collection of yarn and buttons.

I've got an MA (Hons) degree in English Literature, and I've also studied writing for the media, media law, philosophy and the history of film. I've worked primarily as a writer and teacher for most of my professional career and I've been writing for the web and e-commerce industries for the last eight years.

As a writer I've worked for dozens of industries from e-commerce websites to government institutions, and I've done a bit of creative writing as well. I've developed marketing materials, press packages, corporate brand identities, blog posts and reviews. I also currently work as a food and literary journalist, visit me over at The South African to read my most recent work.

When I'm not writing, I'm creating. I knit, bake and make and I've worked in a number of different artistic mediums from graphite-on-paper to oils-on-canvas. At the moment I spend most of my time working with a digital paintbrush designing websites and marketing materials with heaps of personality.

If you want to know more about what I do when I'm not designing or writing, head over to my blog, Bakercourt, and feast your eyes on some delicious bakes, creative makes and some interesting views of ye olde London Town.


I make marketing and branding awesome.

I could type long before I could talk. I was writing business missives and glamming up Powerpoint presentations long before I was reading See Spot Run. I'm a marketer with copywriting services extraordinaire and design magic on-hand, at your service.

  • I design websites, banners, marketing materials, logos, stationery and flyers. I've worked extensively with small UK and SA businesses to produce and develop corporate brand identities, and I've created websites and other marketing materials for a distinctive and eye-catching front with original artwork and plenty of personality.
  • Digital design for websites, mailers, newsletters, presentations and marketing materials
  • Copywriting for website pages, e-commerce products, blog posts and content, marketing materials, press releases, presentations, client reports and case studies
  • I work with an excellent team of contractors including photographers, social media experts and developers to deliver a full digital media solution for your website or marketing materials

  • Have you got an idea and need someone creative
    to make it a reality? Let's talk.

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